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If you have questions for me, you can either post and select this category or just add a comment to this initial General Questions post. Thank you!

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If you have pictures to Upload from “New Post”, remind me to upgrade you from “Contributor” to “Author”.

  • Before uploading large picture files, you should convert your giant digital camera pictures to GIF files or something smaller than the default JPEG image size if you can (be sure to rename the file, if the extension is the same, so you do not overwrite your nice high-quality picture).
  • There are lots of free Open Source editors that will do the converting for you. Please go to the WordPress FAQ page and select Images for more information on free software (see links in the FAQ post above). I currently am using “Infranview”, but someone else may know of a better program – I am new to this too 😉
  • For a complete description of how to Upload and Edit pictures and posts, please see the FAQ links in the posting above. I recommend taking a look! The text description below only describes the basics.

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How to Upload and Post a New Digital Photograph


  1. Select “New Post” from menu at top. This will take you to the “Posts” page.
  2. Now just scroll down and you will see the “Browse…” button. Press this button to browse for your pictures on your computer.
  3. Search for your desired (previously reduced-sized) picture on your computer and “Open” the desired picture from your computer.
  4. Enter a “Title” and “Description”.
  5. Press the Upload button located below the Description field picture. Note: If you want to post it later you can – in that case, you are done.
  6. If you see Show “Thumbnail” select that, otherwise your picture is kind of big, so select Show: “Title” (or better still, go back to your computer and reduce the size).
  7. Select Link to: “File”
  8. Press “Send to Editor”
  9. If you want multiple pictures in your post, please follow the FAQ links for details.
  10. Add any desired text from inside the editor. It is helpful to have the “Visual” setting in your profile to do this. This post is an example of text with photos (it has two photos on the bottom).
  11. Check off one or more “Categories” (If you want to create a new one you can). This post has “General Questions And Sugestions” selected.
  12. Enter a Title for the Post. Hint: cut and paste the “title” from the HTML that is now in the editor. You will have to press the “Code” tab if you have the “Visual” editor (available option in your Profile).
  13. Press the “Publish” button.
  14. It should take you to the Post, or you can just go back to the main page and select one of the categories that you checked off to see if it is there.
  15. If you do not like how your post looks, then select the little “Edit” link. Make your changes, then press “Save” or “Save and Continue Editing”.

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